Video production

Our story is your inspiration

Video is a great way to showcase your business, service or product. It is a dynamic display of your story. It can represent your business, products, events ... Each of our video is based on the story you want to tell. Video is becoming an increasingly popular medium for communication, as shown by the statistics of websites with video content, where visitors stayon pages on average 2 minutes longer than on other pages without video.


Video planning and concept

At this stage we can discuss with you about the purpose of the video. Determine the main focus and the main messages intended for the viewer. We set the pace, length and rhythm of the video. For a good video preparation it is important to have very good understanding of the target audience.

Scenario development

On the basis of the concept script and the storyboard is prepared. Here we prepare detail plan, content, text and set locations. A good script is always the result of a good concept.


Once you have everything ready, we bring the team: camerams, director, technical support staff, and we go into action. We turn on camera, equipment, lights and start recording.


In post-production video editing is made. Color grading and is very important part of postproduction. Here we set the colors. This phase also involves necessary graphics and audio adaptations.