Web sites, online stores and portals

The site is an essential element of the company presentation. People form an opinion about the company on the basis of the website. We can say that the website is a window into the company. The role of the website is to inform visitors about the offer and the company. The site reflects the state of the company and is an ideal tool for companies to communicate with the world.


Web design

This is a crucial part of the process, because in this stage we make the concept of the web page. It is essential in this stage to know who the target customers are, knowledge of the business and its needs, and what is the main purpose of web page. In this phase is involved; strategist, designer, user experience and programmer.


Website design is prepared on the basis of the concept. The design adapts to the main purpose of web page. Each tab is specifically designed. The purpose of design is to attract and retain the attention of visitors, as well as the purpose of the design to highlight certain parts of the web page. Design plays a crucial role, as an indicator of professionality and confidence builder.


In development process we determine the softwear on which the Web page is built. Our programmers are trying to make website functional and easy to apply, despite the fact that the software in behind is sometimes very complex. At the end there is testing and a setting web to the right domain.

Search Engine Optimization

Web page is designed so that it is easily accessible for reading information from the search engines. This means that web page content helps to increase position in search engines. For this reason, it is easier for people to find you in the search engines.